Thursday, July 26, 2012

8 Ways to Spot a Liar: Plus two

Just want to share this one to all. I've seen this article in the web by Korin Miller.
Good to Learn.

1. Shoulder Shrugs
Whether it's your man, a stranger, or a friend, shoulder shrugging subconsciously signifies that someone doesn't believe what they're telling you.

2. Lip-Licking
When someone is nervous (like when they're, say, lying their pants off), their mouth becomes dry-they lick their lips as a result.

3. Leaning Back
Liars subconsciously want to put physical distance between you and themselves, so they lean their heads back a little.

4. Fidgeting
Liars are prone to shuffling their feet, playing with their hair, and fidgeting with their hands-it's an easy way for them to release nervous energy

5. Brush-Offs
Wiping their hands down their arms or legs is a subconscious way of getting rid of the dirty feeling associated with fibbing.

6. Pursed Lips
Puckered lips is a sign that someone is holding back information-especially if they make the move after you ask them a sensitive question

7. Lip-Biting
Sure, some people just bite their lips out of habit, but doing it right after you ask them a question can be a sign that they're about to lie.

8. Blowing Out Air
Just like brushing themselves off, blowing out air is a subconscious way to get the icky feeling associated with lying out of their bods.

Just want to add this things. I have learned this in our province.
you can spot a Liar when:

1. The person you are talking too cannot look into your eyes directly. So to catch a liar by talking to him or her and deeply look into his/her eyes.

2. A person will be looking at the floor when answering a question. But, when a person will be looking at the ceiling, it means that he/she knows the truth but just don't know how to answer the question.

Item 1 and 2 relates to each other, don't know either if this two info is reliable :>


  1. Nice post, I like it! How I wish there is an instrument in which we can see the transparency of a person. Pero kung magkaroon man siguro ng ganun, the word TRUST will be erased from the vocabulary.
    :), just maybe...

    1. sana nga... like ctscans or xrays... oh wait those were already invented... sabagay kung transparent na ang tao... light can easily pass thru our body... hmmmmmm