Thursday, July 26, 2012

8 Ways to Spot a Liar: Plus two

Just want to share this one to all. I've seen this article in the web by Korin Miller.
Good to Learn.

1. Shoulder Shrugs
Whether it's your man, a stranger, or a friend, shoulder shrugging subconsciously signifies that someone doesn't believe what they're telling you.

2. Lip-Licking
When someone is nervous (like when they're, say, lying their pants off), their mouth becomes dry-they lick their lips as a result.

3. Leaning Back
Liars subconsciously want to put physical distance between you and themselves, so they lean their heads back a little.

4. Fidgeting
Liars are prone to shuffling their feet, playing with their hair, and fidgeting with their hands-it's an easy way for them to release nervous energy

5. Brush-Offs
Wiping their hands down their arms or legs is a subconscious way of getting rid of the dirty feeling associated with fibbing.

6. Pursed Lips
Puckered lips is a sign that someone is holding back information-especially if they make the move after you ask them a sensitive question

7. Lip-Biting
Sure, some people just bite their lips out of habit, but doing it right after you ask them a question can be a sign that they're about to lie.

8. Blowing Out Air
Just like brushing themselves off, blowing out air is a subconscious way to get the icky feeling associated with lying out of their bods.

Just want to add this things. I have learned this in our province.
you can spot a Liar when:

1. The person you are talking too cannot look into your eyes directly. So to catch a liar by talking to him or her and deeply look into his/her eyes.

2. A person will be looking at the floor when answering a question. But, when a person will be looking at the ceiling, it means that he/she knows the truth but just don't know how to answer the question.

Item 1 and 2 relates to each other, don't know either if this two info is reliable :>

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mt. Batulao Day Hike: First Climb

Invited by my office colleague Eric E, I didn't even take a second thought to grab this opportunity to try a different kind of activity: to climb a mountain. First target, Mt. Batulao!

Kuya Eric (as what I have observed) is the most adventurous guy in our office. In fact he was a member of a mountaineering club they called ADTREK. I am very happy meeting him as I was exposed to this kind of activity. So, last year (July 23, 2012) I was encouraged to take my first climb activity. A Mt. Batulao Day Hike Traverse was organized by Kuya Eric and his team, and this was open to all who are interested. So I, Jocel, Kim and Joy from PCB Group participated to this climb.

This sample shot was given by Kuya Eric to have some encouragements.

Just a small background, the mountain ranges of Mt Batulao covers the area of Nasugbu Batangas, and Tagaytay City. It has 811m peak.

The meeting place was set to be 6:00am at Jollibee – Robinson Pala-Pala. We were just informed to bring our own lunch, water, a pair of extra shirt, rain cover, and small amount of money. Me, having no idea at all in mountaineering, didn’t even prepared. So I just wear a pair of white shirt and a semi-maong shorts, normal rubber shoes with a white socks. I was really looked funny compared to my other colleagues. Take note guys, it’s a BIG NO NO to use a white shirt, and a white socks because expect this to become very dirty, and will just thrown away after a climb. Ahaha. I didn’t even know that thing. Another thing,  use Leggings or soft pants when trekking, so that you can get less wounds. :>

Note: I will not post any picture of me for my first climb (nakakahiya kasi outfit ko..ahaha)

So let’s back to the story. The group hired a Jeepney from there to Nasugbu (sorry I don’t even remember how much we pay for the Jeepney fare). Then first drop, here.

If you can observed the time from the picture, we started walking by 8:30 in the morning. Well, the 6:00am departure time was not met (that's what we called "Filipino Time"). If I'm not mistaken, around past 7:00am when we left Pala-pala.

I actually can’t remember our head count that time. More or less 15 heads. We have what we called 'the trek arrangement': A front man, middle man, and last man that should be an experienced trekker. So the we, as visitors should always be with in those persons. In that case, the safety is assured, that no person can be left behind. We, are always at the end of the line, guess why, of course, picture taking, hehe. So here are some of our shots.

We have same altitude as the clouds. Imagine?
Walking by twos :>
This shot is same as the shot taken by Boss Eric above, this time, using my camera.
Here's a Welcome sign to all the trekkers. Going to Mt. Batulao Summit (Summit is the term used for the Highest peak of a specific Mountain) has 2 options, you can use the Old trail and New trail. From here, we followed the New Trail.

Welcome newbies.

We took a rest on this ragged Nipa Hut (So sad to this that it is not as good as it used to be, probably damaged by strong rain.)
This Nipa Hut below is actually a small souvenir shop where you can buy T-shirts with different prints of Mt. Batulao, in different colors. There are also key chains or key holders with your birthstone on it. Caps and hand warmers are also available. (Hand warmers are like socks that you wear in your hands :> just the like the ones used by tricycle driver to protect their arms).

See that peak? I think that's the Summit (if I am not mistaken). stepping that Summit.

After almost 2 hours walk, we reached the 1st camp of Mt. Batulao. There are 10 camps in all, so trekkers has an option to skip some, or complete all. Sorry I forgot how many camps we have passed by. 

We ate our Lunch Baon here at Camp 1. Just after eating, the sky became dark and rain start falling. We (the newbies) started to panic on how we can finish this adventure. So we let first the rain to pass, before we started walking again. Remember, our goal is to reach the Summit. As a mountaineer, you should reach your goal rain or shine.

Umbrellas, and rain coats maid our lives easier, thanks to the inventors of this. Indeed very helpful. :>

As the result of the rain, here is a 1 percent visibility. We can't even enjoy the scenery as it was covered by fogs.

Good thing we reached the Summit. Here we are...I felt happy for reaching the first summit in my life, at the same time sad as I didn't enjoy this feeling because of the rain and fogs that covers the area.

We just spent only minutes to enjoy this scenery, and now ready to take the traverse, going back to the plain.

We are passing the different Camps, but can't remember in specific.

A breathtaking walk on the Mountains Peak. Its very dangerous, so you must  really take a good step at a time.
See the small ally in between of the tall grasses? That't the way guys.. :> So you must take a step very carefully, specially it's slippery this time.

I really love this shot. A Cute little flower grow in a large stone at the peak of the mountain.

Here's how my feet looks.. very dirty. See my white socks? It is now ready for disposal.tsk.tsk. Good thing my shoes is color brown. I'm really worried for my companions as they are wearing white shoes, just think how it looks like comparing to mine.

After the very long day, we successfully finished the Day Hike with everybody in safe condition. Next stop, A Resto in Tagaytay, to taste their very delicious and known Bulalo with fresh fruits.

Eat. Eat. Eat.
That's all for this post guys. Thanks.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My First

Gosh! It took me a lot of time to create a title for my Blog. Every title I wanted is not available, whew, glad I'm all set now. Looking forward seeing my blog, and all your future comments...:)

This would be my First Post for my First Blog.
So to start with, I would like to have some sort of small speech...:)

Okay, First thing, I would like to say thank you to my Good Friends for sharing this idea to me, to create a blog for myself, and for everyone of course. To extend my emotions, delightful or distressing. To share my experiences for travel, food, etc.

Secondly, Thank you for the guys who created this free blogging site. I believe this was started long long time ago, and seems like I'm very late already. Though there's a saying that, Better late than never... so here I am. Starting up My First.

Lastly, thank you to our Almighty, for giving me life. To explore the wonders of the world. And to share this with everyone through this blog.

Hope everyone will find this interesting...
Welcome to my Blog...
Happy viewing.